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    I do believe this App keeps your personal information private or any information it accesses private unless you grant the app permission to otherwise do so.
    Me personally; I take this “question” or “preference” as asking or seeing who or how many users would prefer to see a added feature where your able to set a privacy setting that controls what information you can make visible for anyone or for any company that you personally would prefer not to view your profile or the results you get from the assessment and quizzes.
    To me I love this idea and that’s because, any person or any company can honestly tell you that anything in this app or any personality test you take will not be used in the decision making process of hiring you for employment... and it’s easy to sit back and believe this bold face lie!
    And that’s exactly what it is a LIE because any company that asks you to take a personality test along with your application process WILL at some point look over or access the answers you provide to that test....
    This personality test or individual assessment exam is starting to take shape within a lot of companies and organizations, it’s being used everyday within these places as a “Noneffective” test that once again states “It Will Not Be Used Or Effect In Anyway The Decision Making Process Of Employment”....
    Now you best believe if a question is answered outside of normal range or if your presented with a certain situation on the test and don’t answer the way that company would handle that presented situation that company will take that into consideration and will use it.. say something like this App is used and your information is visible and the company is aware of the app they will look up your info and use this info for making there final decision and all without you knowing because all this info is public and without privacy settings....

    Sorry for the extra long message but I just truly wanted to share some useful and important information with people that gets looked over and ignored everyday, this is coming from my own personal experience working for a WELL known company that does this very thing with every application and applicant that comes thru there doors, so please be aware and truly watch how you answer those questions that are meant to be useless or labeled as a “Personality Assessment”

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