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  1. Can I change the photo / headline on my StrengthsCard?

  2. Can I reassess my personality?

  3. Do you offer employee engagement tools?

  4. Do your enterprise tools require extensive setup and onboarding?

  5. Good&Co Team Dynamics User Guide

  6. Help! I don't understand one of your questions.

  7. How accurate are these results?

  8. How can Good&Co help employers and recruiters make better hiring decisions?

  9. How can I delete my account?

  10. How can managers use Good&Co?

  11. How do I add people to my teams?

  12. How do you assess company culture fit?

  13. How does Good&Co work?

  14. How does Good&Co's Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm differ from the Big Five personality model?

  15. How does your free consumer app fit into the equation?

  16. How has your assessment been validated?

  17. How is Good&Co different from other personality tests?

  18. How is my private information used?

  19. How will my email address be used?

  20. I dislike my boss/colleague, but we have a high FitScore. How is this possible?

  21. I hate my job but my FitScore is high. What gives?

  22. I have a question. Who can I contact?

  23. Is Good&Co different from other workplace personality assessments?

  24. Is Good&Co's assessment based on Myers-Briggs?

  25. These questions are crazy. Is this a legitimate personality assessment?

  26. What are Karma points and how do I earn them?

  27. What are the benefits of claiming my Company Profile?

  28. What is a FitScore?

  29. What is FitScore?

  30. What is Good&Co’s Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm?

  31. What is psychometrics, anyway?

  32. Where does the company culture information featured on your Company Graph come from? Is it reliable/up to date?

  33. Who will see my Company Profile?

  34. Why did my Persona change?

  35. Why do my friend and I have a low FitScore?

  36. Why is my FitScore with my job low?

  37. Won't hiring for culture fit hinder diversity, resulting in a homogenous culture?

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