How does Good&Co's Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm differ from the Big Five personality model?

The standard Five Factor Model, while the best scientifically supported of current personality models, is suboptimal for use in recruitment psychometrics/culture fit assessment because it is not customized for the workplace environment, and it has been criticized on grounds of incompleteness. In the context of our model, the chief concern is that the Big 5 model lacks direct measurement of ambition, personal competitiveness, and drive; it does not clearly focus on need for social dominance/control (authority) or Dark Triad elements in general, except perhaps in the context of certain sub-facets of low agreeableness, as well as aspects of emotional intelligence all of which are highly relevant in the workplace context. The scientific literature of psychometrics, personality testing, and psychological assessment provided evidence consistent with our own findings. The ‘Big 5’ assessments, which are focused on the mainstream fundamentals of personality and nothing more, seemed to be missing some important elements.

In developing our model, we began by blending the stylistic aspects of popular psychometric tests used in the field with the scientific integrity of the most rigorously researched models in academic psychology. Translation: instead of reinventing the wheel, our goal was to smooth it out a bit, while adding a few extra spokes! By taking a different approach and blending psychometrics with biological psychology and field research, our psychometricians succeeded in creating a groundbreaking personality assessment that is capable of accurately measuring eight factors of personality compared to the five traits assessed by the Big 5 model. 

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