What is a FitScore?

The simplest version of FitScore reflects congruence, either between one person and another, or at group level. Fit increases as the individuals converge with one another across the whole spectrum of traits measured in our model. Congruence fit is useful to determine, for example, whether someone is likely to approach problems in the same way as we do, or the degree to which we might need to adapt our communication style to theirs. Congruence fit is also essential to situations where, for example, we have the profile of an ideal hire in mind, and want to compare potential candidates against that template.

While high congruence can be valuable in some contexts, similarity does not automatically equate to a successful working relationship. In fact, diversity of personality in the workplace often breeds innovation, and guards from ‘groupthink’. The ideal congruence fit is therefore in the moderately high range. For example, a 100% fit on thinking style in a team would result in everyone having the same approach to problem-solving, which is clearly suboptimal: successful group problem solving needs a mix of creative and pragmatic thinkers. Excessively high fit can also lead to conflict: consider the potential for clashes if everyone on a team scores highly on traits such as the need for control. Everyone would want their own way – and nobody would get it!

These nuances of fit are reflected in the insights which accompany FitScore: though two users can potentially have a very high FitScore overall, and thus be very similar to each other, the complex ways in which specific traits interact means that they may not react in the same manner to any given situation, or necessarily make a productive team. While the FitScore itself provide users with a similarity score, it is the insights accompanying each FitScore which reveal the individual differences between users captured by Good&Co’s model.
We will soon be introducing different permutations of fit based on diversity FitScores, to provide even more sophisticated, context-driven insights into the best combination of traits to make a winning partnership, or team.

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