How can Good&Co help employers and recruiters make better hiring decisions?

To cut through the noise and find value, recruiters need to have easy access to high-quality information that tells them quickly if an individual is suitable for the job. Good&Co's groundbreaking platform aims to improve efficiency during the screening process by allowing you to assess each applicant’s overall compatibility before booking an interview, enabling you to devote your time to high-fit candidates.

Our robust, scientifically-based Candidate Reports provide an unprecedented look into a potential hire’s personal characteristics, including work style, work ethic, communication strengths – even potential for leadership. Each report includes suggested interview questions tailored to that candidate’s profile, helping recruiters better assess their strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, recruiters can use this information to compare applicants, determining key factors that go beyond basic information about background and skills. What's more, our approach reduces bias and is more objective than traditional hiring methods, as we do not base our algorithms on gender, race, or socio-economic background. 

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