Won't hiring for culture fit hinder diversity, resulting in a homogenous culture?

No, not when it's done correctly. The reality is, hiring for culture fit isn’t as simple as hiring people with similar strengths, traits or values—this is where most companies go wrong! Research shows that diversity or heterogeneity in team personalities is crucial to innovation. After all, a team filled with Nurturers would certainly be harmonious, but they’d probably have a pretty difficult time getting the job done. Likewise, a team comprised of dominant and competitive Straight Shooters would likely result in chaos. In short, the more varied each team member thinks, the more innovative individual ideas will be. However, you don’t want people to be so different that they can’t reach a middle ground. Instead, you’re looking for that sweet spot where team members’ specific personalities and backgrounds mix to create innovative solutions.

At Good&Co, we see companies as complex organisms made up of unique teams—each comprised of unique people. We've designed our Teams tool to focus both on diversity as well as compatibility, taking into account the unique strengths each individual brings to the table in order to help you hire a diverse range of individuals who fit perfectly with your culture. 

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