How do you assess company culture fit?

The benefits of assessing culture fit are clear, but measuring the congruence between employee and company is a rather complex business. At Good&Co, we developed a psychometric model customized for organizational culture, assessing personality in the context of cultural fit.

Steeped in decades of empirical research and extensive validation studies, Good&Co’s PPA addresses elements of personality most important for organizational culture. We focus on personality in the context of workplace interpersonal interaction, work styles and preferences for working environments. Additionally, we gather company culture data by asking employees a number of simple questions about how their company conducts itself. We focus on three major areas: approach to innovation (change-embracing/cautious); structure (flexible/hierarchical); and competition style (collaborative/aggressive).

Finally, Good&Co’s PPA evaluates the congruence between person and organization, matching jobseekers with companies that are aligned with their values. Person to company fit is calculated based on the similarity and diversity of three factors defining organizational culture: innovation, flexibility and competitiveness. Organizations and employees both show distinct personality characteristics. By measuring both companies’ and users’ personality traits we can predict how a person would fit in with a given company culture.

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