How is Good&Co different from other personality tests?

Good&Co goes far deeper than traditional personality assessments, measuring eight aspects of personality vs. the traditional five. While most personality tests will simply tell you that you’re an introvert, we go even deeper, telling you what type of introvert you are. Are you friendly and sociable, but not very assertive? Are you confident in public while preferring your own company? Are you enthusiastic and outgoing, while secretly harboring a loathing for your fellow human beings? Our assessment breaks down these subtleties to give a deeper and more real-world reflection of who you are and how you’re likely to behave. Additionally, Good&Co is specifically designed to measure traits relevant to the workplace, whereas most other tests only assess your basic personality traits. And as we're sure you've already noticed, Good&Co's assessments are much shorter and way more engaging than traditional assessments! 

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